a thing or product that makes life more colourful
never a dull widget
by Mauritius September 25, 2007
A word to describe an undefinable situation
They didn't have a relationship and it wasn't just a friendship. It was more of a widget.
by Dallas's Widget January 12, 2011
A midget or considerably short person who has the facial features of a wizard
mate, i think that widget at the pub last night put a spell on me, i've got the worst hangover ever!
by bob elton October 25, 2007
for years, the term has been a popular word for a generic "thing" when there is no real name for it. It is often used to describe examples of made-up products along with other fictitious names,
for example, "10 widgets, 5 frabbits and 2 dingits."
by Bilal and Jackie January 30, 2007
A White Midget.
That is the angriest drunk Widget I have ever seen.
by Shadylokes January 19, 2012
midget wigger
Boner is a widget
by machine gun kelly March 07, 2011
something made in a widget factory
my math teacher told me a widget was made in a widget factory
by ZarekAmery November 03, 2010

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