A tiny vestigial brain which is all that remains of the person's intellect after years of mental self-harm

The 'widget' drives extremely retarded behaviour, loves to be the centre of attention and is often to be found railing against an irrational sense of injustice, corruption or lack of integrity.

Can become abusive but amusing when roused.
That guy is hassling me everyday 'cos he thinks I stole his bubble-gum stickers, what a widget!
by rex12 April 24, 2011
a white midget
hey man, did you see that widget?
by puttingupafight November 16, 2010
Widget: noun. To behave silly or foolishly. Not using common sense while tasking.
"Hey man, why did you break that window" "I don't know" "You're a Widget
by Neezo October 26, 2009
a hard on
look at that guy's widget.
by peter gwenold March 11, 2009
a midget with an enormous wedgie
HAHA! look at that widget!
by bonicals July 10, 2008
Those little flood things that squirm around in halo.
- "Aw man! I cant believe those widgets killed me!"
- "That widget just took over that guy!"
by Drinkwata January 03, 2008
another word for a vagina, a pussy,
laura would you like to lick my widget?!?!
by jellaram August 09, 2007

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