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Widget: noun. To behave silly or foolishly. Not using common sense while tasking.
"Hey man, why did you break that window" "I don't know" "You're a Widget
by Neezo October 26, 2009
0 1
(n): Someone who is annoying, stupid, lame. Someone who has done something stupid or idiotic.
"Psh you widget!"
"What are you doing widget?"
by Hawaiiquikslvr April 25, 2007
3 5
That thing inside of a guinness.
Everytime I open a guinness the widget makes a fizzing sound.
by xcentric January 29, 2003
8 10
a wee device that allows you to drink your guiness directly from the tin rather than pouring and waiting half an hour for it to do its thing!

This drink does not travel well!
by vaseline April 23, 2003
5 8
a yolkiemabob, a thingeemagig , a whatdayamacallit , youknowthething
would you hand me that...
by mike t June 14, 2003
8 12
An electronic device made and marketed by the "Chunky Widget Co." in 1974, which made it easy to connnect a TV to a home stereo system to improve the audio experience. The next generation device by the same creator became the first multichannel Home Theater sound system in 1975.
I bought a Widget at Tower Records on the strip, and connected my TV and Stereo together with it. The Midnight Special concert that night sounded Awesome!.
by CindyB August 12, 2005
6 12
Derived from a computer programming term, "widget" refers to a virtual object with default settings. In the context of Internet dating, a widget is a man or woman known through his or her on-line profile. A widget remains a widget even when real names have been exchanged. After several in-person meetings, a widget can be referred to by his or her actual name.
So, have you hooked up with any widgets lately?
by Peter February 25, 2004
5 11