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The skill level after GOD-LIKE in Unreal Tournament, only achievable by a true champ of the game.
bob killed robert with flak cannon - WICKED SICK!!
by Anonymous February 06, 2003
An Exclamatiion, normally good in nature, refering to the virtue of a particular instance or action in accordance to its difficulty, risk or originality. Can also refer to an object that is the result of a "wicked sick" action (this particular usage does not necessarily denote a positive result). Similar in nature but not necessarily in definition to "w00t", as it is almost completely defined by the speaker/writer.
"30 kills and no deaths? Wicked sick!"
"A 1080 with an indy? Wicked Sick"
"Yeah he was fine but the car and the pillar looked wicked sick."
"His arm was all torn up" - "Wicked sick"
by Jeffrey Lanteigne July 13, 2006
Something that is beyond cool, wicked cool, and sick. Often used in reference to something that causes awe or an overwhelming feeling of utter excitement.
Holy shit! That band was awesome!
Yeah they're wicked sick!

I missed the meteor shower, did you see it?
Hell yeah, it was wicked sick!
by mkulo93 November 23, 2009
Meaning ultimate cool or complete domination over other players, most commonly heard in a game of counter-strike when a player has amassed a high amount of kills in a row without being killed.
Player '$ilent' killed 'Noob' with M4A1 (8th Kill in a row). The commentator: "WICKEDSICK"
by $ilent September 27, 2007
to prounounce your enjoyment about hearing a pleasing tune to which makes you dance hard or rock out, due to high frequencies and/or use of electronic synth.
"This song is wicked sick"
by oneirogen December 10, 2003
The status attained through performing a trully hardcore manouever that demonstrates a complete lack of any intelligence above that of a chipmunk. Being Wicked Sick is not reccommended if you wish to remain alive for a greater period of time than it takes to perform this stunt.
OMG that was utterly wicked sick
by VexD February 06, 2003
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