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A man lacking the necessary ejaculatory power to shoot semen, instead only able to wiggle their penis as semen sadly dribbles out. Portmanteau of "wiggling" and "dribbler".
If you're a wibbler, come in nice and close so it gets on her face instead of your balls.
by sorryterry October 26, 2014
Ecstasy tablet. Name born out of the UK in the early 21st century to describe the ultimate party drug. Slightly onomatopoeic in describing the feeling experienced at a certain stage of the ecstasy experience.
"I'm wibbled out of my mind!"
"How many wibblers have you taken?"
"Where shall we put the last of these wibblers?"
"Fuck me this wibbler has come on proper quick like..."
by Lennythewibbler August 28, 2013
A person who wibbles (see my definition of wibble)
You big, lazy wibbler, you!
by Loao August 01, 2004
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