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Mentally ill person.
look at that spacker.. he's such a dribbler
by Mr Aids March 06, 2004
When someone ejaculates, and dribbles everywhere rather than shooting.
Alex: Dude your such a dribbler
Bob: No way man, straight shooter fo life!
Alex: Yeah bullshit, man your semen probably ends up under your balls.
by [PARTYkunt.™] December 12, 2006
When someone ejaculates, and dribbles rather than shooting.
Alex: dude your such a dribbler
Bob: no way man, straight shooter for life!
Alex: yeah bullshit, your semen probably ends up under your balls man
by [PARTYkunt.]™ December 12, 2006
Name coined by random homeless man. Term can be used interchangeably to define an individual with poor drinking abilities, someone who is simply a hack or also a gay fish.
*Whenever term is pronounced, it must be said in the mindset that you are a homeless man rockin a labbatt blue T (sleeves cut off).
Man that guy drinks like such a puss, what a DRIBBLER!
Wow look at Kanye West, what a DRIBBLER!
What do we have here, a bunch of DRIBBLERS!
Randall is quite the dribbler.
by Rawk-14 May 30, 2009
When a graphic designer is only good at designing eye-candy (buttons/UI elements) for websites and apps, typical of the bite-size submissions that get posted on Dribbble dot com.
From the looks of it, you don't need a designer for this project. You just need a dribbler.
by Pinktits May 28, 2012
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