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The Whorce is a binding, metaphysical and ubiquitous power used by whores to score sex from people more attractive than themselves. The Whorce has been known to enhance natural, physical and mental abilities, ie guys can use the dick mind trick and convince girls their dick is bigger than it actually is. Fat girls have also been known to use thee ole, rear view mirror trick, convincing guys they are much skinnier than they appear.
#1 Person 1: "Wow, that fat bitch is totally going to nail that hot ass guy."

Person 2: "O yeah, the Whorce is strong with that one."

#2 Person 1: "Man, that girl is mad hot and I'm totally looking like a fat troll."
Person 2: "Go for it, may the Whorce be with you."
by Omicron188 March 17, 2010
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