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An adjective similar in meaning to horrible, though conveying an added level of insult and criticism of whatever happens to be deemed it.

Of or pertaining to a whore
This fucking addition is so whoreable.

That stripper gave the most whoreable lapdance ever.

Alternative form: That was horrible-with-a-W.
by Jenny Wang October 15, 2003
1. A girl who has the potential to become a whore but has not yet crossed over to that lifestyle. These girls are normally the ones who are flirts and talk about things in a sexual manner but have not yet expierenced it for themselves.
Guy 1: "Bro, check out Stacy over there."
Guy 2: "Oh man i know! She's just a flirt tho, she hasn't done half the stuff you think she has."
Guy 1: "Bro... Shes whoreable, all she needs is a little persuasion."
by Dimitrius219 May 17, 2011
When whore and adorable meet a perfect blend of naughty and nice.
Chloe, that girl is so whoreable
by Ladychatterly August 23, 2013
Something a whore is able to do
Wow that is so whoreable
by Razzel September 18, 2007
One who is good looking enough to have sex with (adj.)
Guy 1: Dude check that chick out

Guy 2: Yeah shes so whoreable
by Border Bro1 March 24, 2011
in comparison to the word horrible, means a female who is very open towards casual sexual relations.

joe: hows my chances with jess?
dick: really good dude, shes whore-able.
joe: really?
dick: oh ya, I boink'd her last night.
by bill leboubon June 12, 2007
able to be a whore
jim: u are such a whoreable person

amber: what? horrible as in terrfically bad or siomething else

jim. no us a whore able as in yous a ho and able to be onw
by amapelae March 12, 2009