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3 definitions by sarsfieldk

The 5 foot radius around a debit machine or bank machine - to allow privacty when using your P.I.N. number.
Stay out of the transaction zone while I get cash from the bank machine.
by sarsfieldk March 05, 2011
A dark red pimple that won’t come to a head on the cheek area of your face.
1. Is that a pimple on your face?
2. No it’s a whore blossom, because I can’t pop it.
by sarsfieldk May 20, 2014
A Vibrant and colorful 3 day event that features local, sculptures, painting with live music & talent in a family oriented atmosphere.
We had a great time at the kaleido Festival, I bought this nice painting.
by sarsfieldk December 22, 2012