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An urban forest that's 15 miles away from Los Angeles. People who live here have amazing hiking trails as their backyards. A place where you can see from the Hollywood Sign to Catalina Island. A place where rich people live up in the hills with million dollar views.
Hey, let's go watch the sunset from the top Whittier Hills!
by Mike_500 February 24, 2015
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City in Los Angeles County, about 20 minutes from Anaheim and 15 minutes from Buena Park. For a California city, it is sometimes boring, but can be exciting at times, and looks a lot cleaner than some other cities. A great place to chill out.

East Coasters tend to generalize it as a ghetto, but it is pretty safe and the people can be pretty friendly, provided you meet the right people.
Frank: Damn, Whittier is so boring.

Joey: It could be worse, Billy had to move to Virginia, he has to live out on a farm.
Frank: GEEZ
by l1011tristar17 February 09, 2010
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1. A city in Los Angeles County.
2. Where it is shittier.
'It's shittier in Whittier.'
by peirateis September 16, 2008
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The only place in the world where your car can be stolen twice in one night. Home to ugly mexicans, fat women, bastard children and more!
Person 1: My car was stolen twice last night...
Person 2: You're not the only one.
Person 3: Will you two quit rubbing boners? You shouldn't have moved to Whittier
by Gare-Bear September 15, 2009
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whitter is a small town about 15 to 20 min. away from Anaheim, California------------------
-------whitter is also a term used in place of the word idiot or loser, this word is rarely used because the person must be of extreme idiotism that no such record of any, one person committing an act of idiotism so great to ever be called a whitter therefore, this term has never been used...ever...
man that guy is such a whittier!
by jester42242 June 14, 2008
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