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an undesirable reaction to smoking cannabis common amongst lightweights and first-time tokers. Symptoms include dizzyness, clammy skin, nausea and vomiting.
It gets its name from the paleness of the sufferer as the blood drains out the capillaries under the skin due to a decrease in blood pressure.
"oh man, I don't know what you put in that joint, but it gave me one hell of a whitey."
by Suvorov August 20, 2003
A whitey is a feeling that happens on random. It isn't because you're a "lightweight" or "first timer". It can happen because you didn't eat something before, such as doing a wake &bake. (Toking fat bong rips in late morning on a stomach that's been empty for the while you slept can do your body dirty.) It can happen when you mix marijuana with alcohol or cigarettes. It can happen from swallowing some smoke; causing irritation to your stomach lining. It can happen because you're in or around heat. Or it can be because you've hit some moldy hemp. (Ps-CHECK YOUR WEED BEFORE YOU HIT.)

-After a hit or two usually, a bad dizziness lightheaded feeling takes place and your vision gets messed with. Whether you're sitting or standing you start to blank in &out. When you blank out, the feeling is like being dead. Your body is heavy and useless and you can't move or speak, but you can hear what's going on around you. When everything starts to become clearer all the shaded areas are like sepia colored. Commonly everything feels either extremely hot, or extremely cold. Chills start to form. Your face loses color and begins to turn WHITE, or widely pale. Then sometimes you vomit from nausea then usually end the high with passing out completely.
When you wake up after an hour or two you start to feel better. A little bit hungry, but a WHOLEEE lotta hungry.

It is definitely one of the scariest things to experience. Be careful everyone.
"Why did jay keep saying her face was melting?"
"She was throwing a mean ass whitey"
by j.see. March 23, 2009
A person with no pigment to their skin, always refered to a man. Also used as a derogatory term to white people or people acting "white" by people who haven't the intelligence to come up with a real insult. The people who use the insult seem to be more rascist than the target of the slur.
Person 1:What's up whitey?
"Whitey": Not much
by a.k.a. snowflake November 04, 2003
The result of the subject's inability to handle their intake of alcohol or drugs.

Symptoms of being "on a whitey" include vomiting, nausea, tiredness, unconsciousness, and a pale facial complexion (which is how the term came out).

Can also be used as an exclamation of disappointment.

This term is most used as a slang term inside the UK.
"Haha John's on a whitey"

"He's just whitey'd all over the floor"

"You forgot to bring it? Aww whitey"
by Michael S January 21, 2004
A nickname for a caucasian person, usually said by jamaicans and afro americans

also see: whitebread
some jamaican guy: kill whitey mon!
by honky mcgee December 10, 2003
the word whitey is used when someone smokes too much marijuana and makes themselves sick
Look at Ant hes having a whitey
by Louie K December 08, 2004
Any unpleasant physical/psychological effects which occur through too much smoking. Can also be triggered by other types of drugs. As well as sickness, faintness and dizziness, can also include paranoia, minor hallucinations and feelings of panic.
I have a first class ticket on the Whitey Express.
by Phil Evans April 04, 2005
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