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a good looking man with a lot of self confidence that wears ray bans aviators rain or shine. often displays narcissistic personality tendencies with a charming charisma. often referred to as "ho" for short by the girls.
He totally pulled a horatio on that girl.
by ho-to the-ratio May 27, 2011
Jesus' middle name. Sometimes shortened to just the initial 'H'. This form of Horatio is used most often when excited, angry, or surprised.
Jesus Horatio Christ! -or- Jesus H. Christ!
by allisex July 14, 2008
'Ho' and 'ratio' fused into the Latin derived namesake. Used as a covert way to inquire as to the amount of females at a particular locale, usually a party.
1:"Bro, we're having a kegger tonight at my place, wanna come?"
1:"3 to 1"
2:"I'm down"
by Dick Sungwell February 05, 2010
UK slang, rhyming = fellatio
To give oral sex on a male member. From the popular Horatio Hornblower novels.
She performed horatio all night long and we never even went to sea.
by black flag May 29, 2004
Someone who observes another's reaction for a third person, usually to figure out if the person observed is "interested" in the third person. The name comes from Hamlet, because this is basically what Horatio does for Hamlet.
I want to ask Jess to the dance, but I'm not sure if she likes me. Could you be my Horatio the next time we see her?
by Kaydence692 October 07, 2008
Anything that is very lulzy or hilarious. A spinoff of the word hilario, which is a spinoff of the word hilarious.
Oh man, you just sharfed on my cat, that's totally horatio.
by Jersh McPayne January 11, 2009
Any number of English people whose parents thought "We'll give you the most pompous name we can!"
(in an upper-class English accent) Oh yes Horatio, tally ho!, pip pip, good show, chap!
by ja March 30, 2003

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