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Dog from Crayon Shin Chan.
Whitey barked too loud.
by seg31098 September 03, 2010
6 5
A negative word for a person who is white. It can also mean someone who is white but thinks it is their best intrest to act like another race. See also: wigger, wangsta, Wapanese, or cracka.
by anonymous June 25, 2003
24 23
Whitey is the word given to white guys, like nigga is given to black guys.
Eminem is a whitey.
by Ispitcrackflow April 10, 2011
2 2
Cameron White; The greatest cricketer is Australian history. Known for his big hitting and spin bowling. His leg spin could turn a straight man gay.
Do you see Whitey the other night he destroyed those poms
by SALIBATIME November 20, 2009
3 3
For some one to have a smoke,become very unsociable and white and sit in the corner feeling ill.
Also some one who is at a party or generally out with friends but goes home early for no reason.
Jons had two bongs and hes a whitey.

"Im going home now boys" "Ow you fucking whitey"
by Bobz February 24, 2004
11 11
A brownie made with white chocolate. :)
"this is a good brown... wait.. whitey?"
by RevStan December 17, 2003
90 90
A nick name black guys give their only white friend.

A racist term towards white people (eventhough nobody really gets offended by it).

Oldskool stoner slang for when taking too many hits in a short amount of time, then feeling nauzeated and breaking out in a cold sweat then turning pale (varies from seconds to hours).

The dog from crayon shin chen.

The old midget with 2 different sized feet on adam sandlers eight crazy nights.
Yo nigga, dis a muddafuckin' chocolate fest up in dis bitch, hit up whitey.

Why do whitey gotta bring me down dawg.

Duuude, put that out for a minute, I'm having a whitey.
by stonerjesus666 September 25, 2013
1 2