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a person who is extremely white, or acts extremely white (highly pronounced 'r's clutches purse when a black person walks by, speaks crappy "spanish" at parties, etc.)
one little, two little, three little whiteys
four little, five little, six little whiteys
seven little, eight little, nine little whiteys
ten little whitey pricks

non- white person: hey whitey!
whitey: hi (calls the cops)
by witech!k May 16, 2010
a word a black person can NEVER say while a white person is present or they will be beat down. But they say it with fellow black people.

White person #1: Yo my whitey, wut up.

White person #2: Whiteeeey! Shit! Ya shudda been at my crib last night. This whitey was all up in my shit, man. I said ya betta chill out whitey or I'm gonna fuck you up. Shit, that whitey pulled out a knife, and I knocked that whitey down to da ground and beat the fuck outta that whitey. Shit. No whitey pulls that shit in my crib. Real talk.

Black person overhearing: "Whitey?"

White person #1: What tha fuck you say, bitch?

White person #2: That nigga called us whitey!

White person #1: He ain't gonna be callin nobody nuthin in a minute!

Black person: What the fuck? What the hell's goin on here?

(Cue Twilight Zone music)
by Whitey1 November 18, 2007
When someone vomits whilst been high on canabis
"You dare throw a whitey!"
"Im gonna whitey"
by dyn0 January 29, 2004
A person that freaks out after smoking too much canabis.
Oh man, i think I'm gonna have a whitey!
by chump April 23, 2003
Artist who goes by the real name of Nathan Joseph White and stage name of WHITEY.
Artist whose Albums include: Canned Laughter, The Light at the End of the tunnel is a Train, Great Shakes.
Artist whose music seduces the ears and infects the body with dance-omania
Dude, is that God's voice I hear?" "No men, that is the epic sound of WHITEY
by Godot. April 12, 2011
to be sick
ha ha barry's just whiteyed
by finbad March 26, 2003
Vomiting all over the place after excessive alcohol consumption.
'Here, Mark just whitey'd everywhere!'
by Patricia April 28, 2004