Another use of "whack attack" is the act of masturbathing multiple times without taking a break to relax or recharge. After the orgasm, one must sustain an erection and achieve another orgasm for it to be considered a whack attack.

Also, the word whack attack can be used to describe someone/thing that would cause someone to hace a whack attack.
Every time my roommate goes home for the weekend, I have a massive whack attack

That girl is really hot, she makes me want to hav e a whack attack
by Deepy April 16, 2006
Top Definition
A Whack Attack is when someone or something causes you frustration, mystifies you, disrupts your train of thought or simply makes you want to freak out.
Your stupidity gives me whack attacks.
by Charlotte February 09, 2005
When one uncontrollably starts to infectiously giggle, seemingly about something simple. Even after brief stints of composure, the whack attack continues.
They got so high they had a 2 hour whack attack when the reporter accidentally said 'poop'...
by dap00man December 17, 2015
something super uncool
devin clarin is whack attack
by a diz February 23, 2014
a day/event that was very poor, resulting in somebodys body being attacked by the whackness.
A:hey lets go to the disney parade
B:no way man, that will be a whackattack
by jackoriah November 01, 2007
A 'Whack-Attack' is a rage of murder. Usually happens in gang fights, or war, or police shootout. It's called a whack-attack when one individual stands out and kills more than any other. Goes trigger-happy, in a good way though.
Datrell: Ey man, did you see Jamal last friday against 44th St.?
Tarrel: Hell Yeah man, that dude went on a fucking whack-attack.
Datrell: Yeah, killed all those mofos
by Rod69699 June 06, 2008
when some takes there penis and whacks you repeatedly across the face. sometimes causing death.
man:man i whack attacked that girl lastnight.
by antwan69 January 13, 2011
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