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2 definitions by Deepy

The act of ignoring a call on a cell phone by pressing the side button to silence the ringer.
Alex called, and I didn't feel like talking, so i decided to side-button him
by Deepy April 14, 2006
9 0
Another use of "whack attack" is the act of masturbathing multiple times without taking a break to relax or recharge. After the orgasm, one must sustain an erection and achieve another orgasm for it to be considered a whack attack.

Also, the word whack attack can be used to describe someone/thing that would cause someone to hace a whack attack.
Every time my roommate goes home for the weekend, I have a massive whack attack

That girl is really hot, she makes me want to hav e a whack attack
by Deepy April 16, 2006
17 30