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A way to say wow in Filipino, common in online games.
Jup : wew sir u pvp like a god

Sam : wew who killed mi???
by Chrisyyyyyyyy May 05, 2010
It is thought to mean as "wow" but is in fact a way to say "whew" in Filipino. Mainly used in game chat because it is faster to type than "whew" or "phew". It is also a form of txtspk.

Often used as a general derogatory term to pertain to a certain subset of gamers but can also be added to annoy others. Usually used in combination with some Filipino words for hilarity.
Wew gets a triple kill:
Wew: Ako galing wew!
Player: What did you just say?
Wew: Wew!
Player: You're a wew!
Wew: Wew?

Wew playing Pokemon:
Psyduck: Psy?
Wew: WEW!
Pikachu: Pika pika!
Wew: Wew wew?

Wew getting hit by a bus:
Bus: Screech!

Player to wew:
Player: Ako galing, wew! Ikaw bobo, wew!
Wew: Wew?
by Pomography March 04, 2014
Jeez Fred, your neighbor is such a wew!
by Master Wew August 01, 2011
What someone writes when they want to say "woo" or "WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" but are too lazy, and therefore use only one hand, and type "wew."
Mom: Son, pizza's for dinner when you get home.
Son: wew
by Awesomepantswoopwoop April 04, 2011
a noob clan in counter-strike
LOL wew sucks
by luke chable December 28, 2003
1)A counter-strike clan that conveniently consists of kids too young to go to CPL. They have 1 year of cal-im exp. and 1 year of cal-m exp. and they still manage to beat Team 3D.

2)A counter-strike clan that does not lan
Im in a CS clan called wew and I enjoy getting owned on lan and then going online and beating the best teams in the United States
by ksharp November 28, 2004
a white jewish person
1. only white jews can be a "wew"
2. ya only other can call white jews wew's other wise ur GAY
by Bob Ze-Hottie March 15, 2007

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