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(pronounced as "ha-vei", not "hayvee")

- an expression commonly used by Filipinos of younger generation to denote of approval, passing, okay, good work, pleasant happenings, or anything relevant to positivity. sometimes, it just simply means "yes" or "to have". commonly replied to someone who tells a joke, implying that it is funny and not corny.

- the antonym of "waley". see "waley".

- origin of the word comes from the English word "have", as opposed to "waley" which comes from the Filipino word "wala", which means "not have" in English.
A: "Use 'devastation' in a sentence"
B: "I dunno..."
A: "My bus usually stops at devastation"
B: "Haha! Havey! Your joke's havey! I like that!"


A: "Do you have some money I can borrow?"
B: "Havey, but you should pay me back within this week."
by mogultown September 12, 2010
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