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1. Used to define someone who crossed the border illegaly and thus wet his back crossing the Rio.

2. A person that acts and dresses like he just crossed the border.
1. Damn that Wetter is living under the 10 freeway.

2. Hey fool, stop acting like a Wetter and leave your chancletas at home.
by pAdrian July 29, 2005
Term used to describe a guy who is totally dictated by his girlfriend. Would do anything for her, including ditching mates and just being a general bitch
That guy is a total Wetter. yea he is definitely his girlfriends bitch
#girlfriend #wetter #bitch #homo #douche #fag #loser #whipped #wet
by Mr. Big Guns December 18, 2010
harlesden slang for a promiscuous girl.a female who loves having sexual extreme cases,possibly numerous times, with different bres on a daily basis.

meaning comes from da fact that their genitalia is always wet n ready 2 go.

more often than not,wetters are also gold diggers and obviously hos
male1-"im goin 2 settle dwn n make her my wifey"

male2-"r u mad?dat girl's mashed every bre in da manor.shes a wetters!!"
#jezebel #ho #gold digger #slut #whore
by ndubzk February 09, 2007
Used to describe a bladed instrument such as a knife or sword
"blood that twat just pulled a wetter on me"
#knife #stab #stabbed #wetted #sliced
by Muttley07 August 09, 2007
Only heard this used in inner-Nottingham. Slang word for gun. Comes from the phrase "wet up" or "splashed" - Meaning shot.
"I Got One Wish To Make The World Better, So Blad Jus' Put Down That Wetter, 'Cuz I Know Bare Man Dont Wanna Work Labour, But Wanna Have Cash, Wanna Have Paper" - Lyrics by an MC called "Jagz"...Notts Property - Dats Different.
#gun #shooter #heater #gat #piece
by SkinniT April 29, 2007
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