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Ceal...Conceal...means to hide an object - Inner City slang.
John: Safe G, check this pung i got.
Bob: 'llowe that man popo over there, ceal it.
by SkinniT April 01, 2007
Weed...South London slang
Rar i got some bum Pung bruv.
by SkinniT April 01, 2007
Inner City slang meaning Police (PoPo) - Created by English born Jamaican Yardies.
PoDem 'bout G ceal the weed
by SkinniT April 01, 2007
When a person snitchs.
That guy bin Flapping Lips ta po-dem
by SkinniT April 01, 2007
Where a person has been stabbed in the Jugular vein - Rude boy slang, originated in Nottingham.
Weezy: Ya Here 'Bout Junior?
Tyler: Yea Man Got Jugged Innit
by SkinniT April 01, 2007
Only heard this used in inner-Nottingham. Slang word for gun. Comes from the phrase "wet up" or "splashed" - Meaning shot.
"I Got One Wish To Make The World Better, So Blad Jus' Put Down That Wetter, 'Cuz I Know Bare Man Dont Wanna Work Labour, But Wanna Have Cash, Wanna Have Paper" - Lyrics by an MC called "Jagz"...Notts Property - Dats Different.
by SkinniT April 29, 2007

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