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A boy that has a massive dick and loves the girls and has a amazing sense of humour. But at the same time can be a caring loving boy that won't give up on anyone that needs their help. Sometimes he can get angry easily but there's always going to be someone to calm him down.
'woah look at him, what a Jagz'
'He makes me laugh so much,he's such a jagz'
'I was really sad today but this Jagz came up to me and cheerd me up'
by Sharon May January 28, 2012
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The collective noun for any number of jaguars, either the carsor the big cat, seeing as there's not really that much difference between them. Is definitely a legit word to use in either Scrabble or Words With Friends. Definitely.
"Dude! Look at all dem jaguars! SUH MANY."
"Ay, I see that jagz"

"Hey, can I play 'jagz' in this fun fun game of Scrabble we're having?"
"Of course you can my friend. Look how fun this is when we play the game properly"
by woisnotascabbleappropriateword January 14, 2013
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