The richest town in Massachusetts. The schools are filled with rich white kids who do nothing besides party & screw. Everyone tries to fit in which means the majority of people from Weston have no personality whatsoever and it is very hard to distinguish one Westonite from another because THEY'RE ALL THE FUCKING SAME! Ultimately Weston is a boring town filled with a bunch of punks with rich parents that will probably end up failing their way through life.
Weston Kid: I'm a loser with no personality. My entire life based around fitting in
Wayland Kid: Leave me the fuck alone
by antipopculture March 07, 2011
Top Definition
a pimpin kid, plain and simple
"dude that kid is such a weston"
by wolfwes April 15, 2008
-a kick ass man
-very tall, athletic, thin
-sexy body and perfect penis
-not from this planet
-insanley good in bed
-part ninja
-acts gay occasionaly but is really straight
-he is like achielles
-obbsessed with becoming a true ninja
dood that kid is a weston watch out.
by lee poo March 10, 2010
A man who
-Is a fucking badass.
-Smokes weed and drinks syrup on the weekends.
-Fucks mass bitches.
-Knows what the fuck is up.
"Every member of the Wu-Tang Clan is a Weston... except ODB... Dat nigga dead."
by Weston555 September 10, 2008
The nicest, funniest guy you'll ever know. The aura around him makes everyone happy and joyful, and always helps brighten a gloomy day. Can be awkward or even strange, but always in a good mood and ready to spread the love.
My day really was just made by that kid. He's such a Weston, he's so fun to be around!!
by Jonah Dokkarnd October 20, 2010
An amazingly sweet guy who will always stick up for what he thinks is right. Might not be the most popular, or the most "cool", but he is one of the nicest people you will meet. Westons are usually sarcastic a little bit of the time, and if they fall in love with you, they will do anything for you.And sex will be great. Westons usually stand up for their friends whenever, and won't let them down. Westons usually become best friends with a kid named Kyle. And has one jerkass friend named Jake, that is very untrustworthy. They usually fall in love with girls named Hailey. Westons need to learn that they break hearts easily.
Hailey: I love that boy Weston! I cant wait to have Weston juniors running around! (;
by Hmm(: November 17, 2011
Weston Mass, is basically the same thing as weston CT. rich kids driving their bmw's and audis while their parents have range rovers. the audi A6 is the most popular car in the student parking lot at weston high. Teenage parties are exlusive unlike other towns where everyone just shows up. NOPE, no open houses here. Natty and bud lite are the beer of choice and absolut and skyy are the vodkas of choice/ DUI's are no big deal b/c their parents take care of it. The po-lice pretend to be tough but the kids know they don't do shit. You don't even have to show up for your court date. Girls shop on newburry every week with their credit cards that have their parents money on it. Boys do whatever they want all day, including driving around and yelling at middle schoolers.
"so wanna go to newburry this afternoon?"
"i have a court date but whatever i dont have to go haha."
"sweet, then we can go to the party tonight, theres a couple going on in weston."
by iloveweston March 11, 2007
1. a rich ass white town located in Browars county in South Florida
2. Home to many famous people including Dan Marino
3. A town where everybody wears Lacoste, Polo, A&F, Seven, and Juicy and where the average pair of jeans costs about $200
4. a place where the kids are expected to go to a top school (duke, cornell, harvard, yale, stanford) and where all the varsity sports especially boys volleyball kick ass.
5. home to many kids who could drink a college senior under the table.
6. a place where the cheapest house on the block is about 1 mil
7. full of kids who get a bmw, mercedes, or a jeep for their 16th birthday and go to their summer "cottage" or their apartment in Europe of the summer.
girl 1: I want to go shopping this weekend and Weston Town Center just won't do. I have shopped there the last 3 weekends.
girl 2: OMG! I know! Lets see if my parents can arrange a jet for us so we can go to London and shop on Bond Street.
by sweetcottoncandy November 20, 2007
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