4 definitions by wolfwes

foreign for good evening

in foreignese
i told this one guy durkenshnoff!! and he was like .......what???
by wolfwes April 12, 2008
cross breed between a bulldog and a shi tzu
person 1: hey dude what kind of dog is that?
person 2: its a bullshit
by wolfwes April 13, 2008
a brown spot usually on ones face, sometimes accompanied by a nasty hair.

a mole causes unattractiveness.

usually its the people named ian who have moles.

occasionally people get picked on because of their moles.

the most common comeback for someone with a mole is, "itsa birthmark!!!"

"dude look at that nasty mole on ians face, its disgusting!"
by wolfwes April 12, 2008
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