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A term equivalent to "wtf." Much cooler and more sophisticated than wtf due to its ease in typing and elegant appearance on screen, as well as its elegant pronunciation. Slowly started to emerge in 2010, coined by JKuotes, a resident of Saratoga, CA.
Broseidon: how many fingers have you had in ur pussy before
Bootylicious69: and eventually i get 2 fingers in there
Bootylicious69: then i put some vaseline on my other hand
Bootylicious69: and start rubbing my penis
Broseidon: wef

Jeff:holy dicks that test was rape shee
BNas: nah son i just whipped out my motherfucking mummys from my pubes bitch
Jeff: wef
Jeff: wef
Jeff: wef
And raped that shit like they were mothafucking jews bitch
Jeff: wef
by ElBandersnatch September 09, 2010
(accronym) with effect from. From this date/day on.
It was admitted as a member w.e.f. May 15th.
by Polipop September 11, 2007
A noise a spoilt posh dog makes.
by Wefin August 05, 2010
the opposite of few, it is defined as a lot or a large amount
Star Jones needs to lose a wef amount of weight.
by Tyrian September 18, 2004
The abbreviation for: wild eternal freedom.
A side effect of eating waffles at 2am.
Can be used to harass people over Facebook chat.
1. "What did the series of paragraphs have to be about?"
"Well, wef of course!! :)"

2. "WEF"
"Wild eternal freedom."
"It's a club, wanna join!?"
by Founder of WEF January 23, 2011
Minor despotism, esp. one ruled by a contemptible bully. Said rulers'conduct tends to be a mixture of aggressive posturing towards greater powers, coupled with a real-politik of submission. Personal characteristics: pretensions to creative achievement, suppressed homosexuality.
"This place is turning into just another WEF."
by K P Ankrah December 16, 2004
A stupid-ass way to say wtf (for lazy people and douchebags)
John: Yo wazzup
Sally: Nothing much -- oh! a spider!
John: wef
Sally: what the fuck...?
John: ya itz cool
Sally: you're a lazy douchebag
by oneinch March 29, 2011

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