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A vicious and unappealing person who attempts to front as a cute little victim. See banrai, barnai
My comment only said "Hi," but Hello Pity reported me for harrassment.
by Tyrian March 16, 2005
to be a Portuguese person who doesn't like their heritage, can sometimes be mistaken for a meathead
My best friend is Vere
by Tyrian September 17, 2004
take it easy or relax
He was constantly yelling so i said "OH tangitease!"
by Tyrian September 21, 2004
to chronically underachieve and have all your friends laugh at you (to your face and behind your back)
I can't believe Rob did that, he is such a delack sometimes
by Tyrian September 17, 2004
the opposite of few, it is defined as a lot or a large amount
Star Jones needs to lose a wef amount of weight.
by Tyrian September 18, 2004
A Brutally Funny Insult,
First appeared on the Blood-River forums after a topic by the name of "Stupid Story" was added.

Be Right Back Mate My Computers Got Fucking Sars!!
by Tyrian December 23, 2003
Fear of homosexuals or homosexuality. This word is commonly misused to denote someone who dislikes or disapproves of gay people. The correct term for someone who feels obligated to form a disapproval of another human's inborn characteristics is bigot. See also asshat.
I'm not a homophobe, I just think you should all be more like me.
by Tyrian March 16, 2005

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