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Getting a zero on an assignment/quiz/homework that you spent hours working on.
I just got a zero on a quiz that I spent three hours studying for. What a waste of time.
by djin8or December 03, 2010
looking up "waste of time" on UD
I am wasting my time right now.
Activity that is not worth doing. Spending time doing it only wastes the time spent on it; very little is accomplished.
Wash the chalk off of the driveway? What a waste of time!
by Diggity Monkeez March 17, 2005
What you are doing right now by looking up random shit on www.Urbandictionary.com.
Whenever I have an hour to blow, I just go to Urbandictionary, it's such a waste of time...
by TACTICALSQUAD August 02, 2008
Whatever you like to do best.
Stop wasting time!
by Braavosi April 30, 2003
Meet the Spartans sums it up.
I SAW MEET THE SPARTANS... what a waste of time, I want my hour and a half back
by kovacks April 30, 2008
Curling on television. Period.
"Hey, is that broom-pseudo sport on televsion?"

"Yes, it's actually called curling and it's a waste of time."
by AldousHuxtable February 21, 2010