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The act of worshipping the almighty god himself, The Drury. To convert to Warrenism is the act of becoming a Warrenist. To convert, you must engrave the pec symbol onto your hands and read every Chuck Norris fact but substitute 'Chuck Norris' for 'Drury'.
Man #1: What made you convert to Warrenism?
Man #2: The power of pecs.
by Gerg Wilssain April 25, 2009
The act of taking a rather simple idea and making it so complex it becomes conveluted.
The amount of Warrenism in your poem analysis is unfathomable
by Meestr Wa wan January 21, 2009
Expressions used by the lovable Warren of BLS. Ex: "Aw Geez!", "C Ya!", and "This one's for my mother!".
That new warrenism is baller.
by I just love noodles! October 05, 2006
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