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The act of worshipping the almighty god himself, The Drury. To convert to Warrenism is the act of becoming a Warrenist. To convert, you must engrave the pec symbol onto your hands and read every Chuck Norris fact but substitute 'Chuck Norris' for 'Drury'.
Man #1: What made you convert to Warrenism?
Man #2: The power of pecs.
by Gerg Wilssain April 25, 2009
16 4
The act of taking a rather simple idea and making it so complex it becomes conveluted.
The amount of Warrenism in your poem analysis is unfathomable
by Meestr Wa wan January 21, 2009
5 1
Expressions used by the lovable Warren of BLS. Ex: "Aw Geez!", "C Ya!", and "This one's for my mother!".
That new warrenism is baller.
by I just love noodles! October 05, 2006
1 10