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To have your skin grated off and then rubbed with lemon, Salt and Vinegar Discos (or even MyCoys, they make my mouth tingle) and Cilit Bang.
Jackie: What happened to your face, you look like John Merrick?
Jade: I was Waped.”
by Moonbizzle July 29, 2009
past tense verb. when someone is attacking & tickling & kissing you all over whether you like it or not

usually done by your bffl
dumBFFL: waped ? what's waped?
cool Bffl: it's when i'm a.&.t.&.k.y.a.o.w.y.l.i.o.n
dumBFFL: huh? *whines about how thinking hurts her head she doesn't wanna figure out acronyms*
cool Bffl: *wapes dumBFFL*
dumBFFL: *screaming and kicking amidst uncontrollable fits of laughter*
by bry-cicles November 02, 2008

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