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A person who tries to act like a gangster or "gangsta" but is really white. Similar to a wigger, but slightly less offensive.
White guy 1: I'm straight up gangsta, bitch. I'll fuck yo' ass up. Don't fuckin try ta play me.
White guy 2: Dude, you're such a wangsta.
White guy 1: Wha' the fuck you talkin' 'bout nigga?
White guy 2: look it up on Urban Dictionary... *walks away*
by adorKablefae March 02, 2006
Wannabe gangster, some people think the phrase is linked with wanksta which is not a word. It is also a rap by the famous 50 cent.
yo' jus a wangsta
by Dave December 25, 2003
wannabe gangsta
I Bob Smith (white boy) is a wangsta
by Lexi April 19, 2003
1) a person who is a wanna-be gangsta.

2) a person who is a white gangsta (they often come under the above catergory also)
michael: yo hommies wana roll on up to my crib tonight? theres some pretty fly ladies comin'

t- dog: stop being such a wangsta michael!!!
by t-dog+michael July 18, 2008
Is somebody that is trying to pose as a gansta, but has never did any type of gansta things, such as beat somebody up, kill somebody, sell drugs on the block, and shooting guns.
A person who never shot a gun, but tells anybody he shot somebody.
by Mister Marcus Duncan May 06, 2003
a chinese man named wang who acts gangsta
dam!...look at the wangsta
by charley wang March 28, 2009
A "Wangsta" is a person of any race who is trying to be what they are not. A "Wangsta" says they did something that everyone knows they didnt do or represents something they are not. People say Ja Rule is a "Wangsta" because Mr.50 Cent doesnt like Ja Rule. 50 doesnt like Ja because he thinks Ja reps the hood, but truly doesnt.
by KoreanPride May 12, 2003