Hey son, wut up, come smoke some
shee-ite with me bcuz im grilling
by jo sombody May 28, 2003
is a person who cant seem to comprehend that we ain't gonna be having no more of this puppy dog, bubble gum music fuckin up rap/ (yo it's 50' holla)
i only think about you
by 50 cent April 20, 2003
The Kupe-man who tragically died in a freak gardening accident.

"I'm a wangsta trying to garden."
by JJ May 30, 2003
Shaan is a motha fuken wangsta bitch and so is jarule
by ????? March 24, 2003
the little wangstas who make "bernal heights" look bad :Erick,his little stupid brother,juanita the fat piece of waste of space,one more person the eminem wanna be,jessy the p**sy
im coming 4 all yaw!!!!!!!!!! no respect 4 suckas.
by little wangstas April 06, 2003
a chinese gangster wannabe
wow that dude is such a wangsta
by fat man down the street August 11, 2006
50 Cent -

"Ja Rule, that is all I have to say."
Ja Rule
by matt February 13, 2003
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