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The best ever show that was ever made I may have seen every eposode of it but whenever I watch a old episode I still laugh even if I've seen it a thousand times
If you like the simpsons watch futurama not as good but its another great show
by ????? December 31, 2003
Extremely hott girl; great girlfriend
Dude, i want Rikki.
by ????? November 06, 2003
one of the best federations ever with some of the best wrestlers like Justin Credible and RVD.
WWE is on well time for me to put in my Heatwave 2000 and watch some real wrestling
by ????? September 26, 2003
The first letter of the greek alphabet, also means The begining or creation"
I am the alpha and Omega, the begining and the end, the first and the last
by ????? December 05, 2004
the coolest person on the planet. his qualities include good looks, high iq, exceptional talent in all areas and just pure brilliance.
the one and only cathal
by ????? November 28, 2003
effected with the satanic rage virus at a young age the moyers man has become the most effective killing machine in the history of the universe. this is possible because he knows satan himself and has a latter to hell in his yard next to his driveway. he also has a satan shrine in his back yard.
by ????? March 13, 2004
a fat ho who bums trevor
omg fat ho
your so fat u make kierans mum look slim
by ????? March 02, 2005

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