Wangsta - Noun

A person who is white and is trying to be gangster. Usually failing.
Also can mean a want-to-be gangster. Also usually failing.
"Dont pay attention to Michael, hes just a Wangsta"

"Take that hood off Wangsta!"
by jk32 November 18, 2009
a wanna be
a person that wants to b a gangster but usally is white and says their a gangster but their not: example: selling drugs and saying that they shot up bout 5 people
by f2b December 30, 2002
Some dawg that be reppin the white rich burbs an thinks he's the shit. Usually talks big bout his whips, bitches and chronkic, but is lame.
"You say you a gangsta, but you neva cop nothin"-Fifty
by MizJackson April 30, 2003
someone who thinks their gangsta, usually white, n thinks their hot cuz they can ride by in an old car playin ja rules CD
Ja Rule or ridin down a black street in a white car
by ~ April 10, 2003
Ja Rule
You don't have to be white to be a Wangsta.
by Nate Hamer January 15, 2003
Yo wat up its ja fool wit ashanti n well keep it wangsta right here
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
A person who thinks he/she is a bawler, but is not.
A person who goes to a car dealership to look at fancy cars, but cannot afford to buy one.
by Anonymous January 19, 2003
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