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Wannabe gangster, some people think the phrase is linked with wanksta which is not a word. It is also a rap by the famous 50 cent.
yo' jus a wangsta
by Dave December 25, 2003
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A person who tries to act like a gangster or "gangsta" but is really white. Similar to a wigger, but slightly less offensive.
White guy 1: I'm straight up gangsta, bitch. I'll fuck yo' ass up. Don't fuckin try ta play me.
White guy 2: Dude, you're such a wangsta.
White guy 1: Wha' the fuck you talkin' 'bout nigga?
White guy 2: look it up on Urban Dictionary... *walks away*
by adorKablefae March 02, 2006
1) a person who is a wanna-be gangsta.

2) a person who is a white gangsta (they often come under the above catergory also)
michael: yo hommies wana roll on up to my crib tonight? theres some pretty fly ladies comin'

t- dog: stop being such a wangsta michael!!!
by t-dog+michael July 18, 2008
Is somebody that is trying to pose as a gansta, but has never did any type of gansta things, such as beat somebody up, kill somebody, sell drugs on the block, and shooting guns.
A person who never shot a gun, but tells anybody he shot somebody.
by Mister Marcus Duncan May 06, 2003
A wanna-be gangster that wears his pants way too low. Has no guns, no weapons. Thinks he's cool but he has no life at all. Hangs out with other wangsters.
Look at that y'all, a Wangsta
by pointdexter May 27, 2008
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