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A medieval folk dance as stated by Richard Richard of the tv show 'Bottom'
"Well what if i want to have a wan...wan...wangle? Yes its em...its em...its a medieval folk dance! Yes what if i want to have a medieval folk dance before i go to bed?"
by plunkmasterp June 09, 2004
When someone manage to get something they wouldn't expect to get.
I managed to Wangle a couple of tickets to the sold out Rush concert.
I wangled a day off work.
I just wangles my parent's into letting me go to the cool party.
by Red October October 01, 2004
An expression of enthusiasm, ofen giddy or excited. Said with enthusiam, nearly always with an exclamation mark following. Basically, whenever something cool or unusual happens, or if something makes a strong impression, wangles is your word.
"Hi honey, what do think of my new thong?"



If you open the fridge and find lots of tasty looking food you didn't expect to see, you say "wangles!"

Basically can be used in any situation.
by Pepper February 22, 2005
Wangle is when you accidentally rip of your pubic hairs
Man 1: "Hey Bill!" Man 2: "I Just Wangled!" Man 1: "Dude That blows" Man 2: "I know it hurts"
by The wise chode June 26, 2015
A combination of the words wang + angle.
Noun: A curved/bent/crooked penis.
Adjective: A measure of the amount of curvature/bend in the penis.
1. Johnny has a total wangle, his penis almost bent 90 degrees.
2. Seth only had about a 15-degree wangle, it wasn't nearly as wangled as Johnny's.
by SteveWangle February 17, 2009
Combination of the words: Wide and Angle
John: I want a good landscape shot
Jane: Better buy a Wangle Lens
by Trid January 18, 2009
Another way to say "pass"...
"Wangle me a biscuit..."

"Wangle the weed to the weft hand side..."
by Matt Smith [] March 28, 2004
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