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The proper use of walrus in the plural form, in which it can be spoken and written.
Look, there is a large group of Walri! At least 15 of them!
by SIEGEWALRUS August 10, 2006
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the plural form of "walrus"

-oh man i feel as fat as a pack of walri.
by BIoTeCH April 29, 2007
The way a stoner describes multiple walruses.
Dude, we went to sea world today, we saw dolphins, killer whales and walri!
by shawn December 31, 2004
A specific species of walrus, commonly known for there ability to take down 747's with there missile fins
"OMG that walri juts shot down that plane"
by DaKoosh December 16, 2009
The plural of 'walrus'.
Zoo Tour Guide: And on your left you can see a walrus-- No, wait. There's another one. On your left you can see two walri.
by P1mp-My-Giraffe March 28, 2011
An extremely large group of men stunting a Walrus sesh.
The whole lacrosse team formed a Walri and went over to Kandesah's house and had a raging walrus sesh.
by Waffle Sauce January 13, 2013
A group of walrus would be considered 'Walri'
Woah man, i think thats the leader of the walri pack.
by ABC;;123 November 26, 2008

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