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6 definitions by BIoTeCH

the plural form of "walrus"

-oh man i feel as fat as a pack of walri.
by BIoTeCH April 29, 2007
slang term, for banging that extremely hot calculus teacher on the nearest table.
i had a dream about our calculus professor last night..boy is she hot, i spring a boner every time i think about tabular integration with her.
by BIoTeCH June 03, 2005
the most common retort used by musicianforum members, AKA MXicans when someone posts about.. well, pretty much anything.

this retort was originated from a thread made by blockhead whose dad called him a jew and he hit his dad with a rake.
person: so yesterday i spilled this cup of coffee and my manager fired me

MXican: hit him with a rake LOLOL
by BIoTeCH September 16, 2005
ever have one of those days where you wake up when the alarm clock rings, you look at your watch, realizing theres still plenty of time before class, so you hit the snooze button. repeat the process until theres about ten minutes left before class, then upon realizing that you are really screwed and the teacher takes attendance and takes points off for tardies, you disregard all moral standards, and run your ass to class. this also applies to work.
Dude, I procrasta-dashed to class this morning, and literally, i brushed my teeth on the way to class..
by BIoTeCH October 04, 2005
verb, a word used to describe a couple sharing a single sofa next to a fire place with 2 cups of hot coco with a lit fire place while interacting at the same time such as but not limited to : reading, talking, cuddling, etc
i wish i can fireplace someone right now
by BIoTeCH September 14, 2005
Brit + Douche = Brouche

a british douche
prince william is such a brouche
by BIoTeCH January 03, 2006