A shit sack town that's full of police and dumb blonde socal people. The socal immigration started around the same time as the remodeling of the downtown area, which was a few years back (around '00). Before then, walnut creek was just a small quiet town. At that time, walnut creek also became a magnet for wiggers, thugs, brodys, beaners, and just about any jar of monkey semen around the bay area who could afford a bart pass. Basically there are no "locals" in walnut creek anymore, just a bunch of asshats coming in and out, and a police force that will stick it's cuke in your ass for just about anything.
Walnut creek is a great place to see another guys penis.
by shartbuckets April 09, 2007
An almost all white, small town with little to do but sample music at Barnes and Nobles. On occassion, a group of cool people will form a circle in front of Andronico's Market to talk about the people walking by. If you're not rich, on some expenssive drug, or a poser, you don't live in DUBB CEE!
White poser: Yo what's there to do around this motha fucka?
Pretty Prep he's with: Umm let's go see whose at McDonalds!
by i love the creek August 16, 2005
A place in NorCal full of sluts, whores, bitches, chinks and retards.
Chinks and retards live in Walnut Creek. Stay away!
by Hellabitch May 12, 2008
Walnut Creek is a small town in California, near Danville.The girls are all either adults, are incredibly ugly, or are cheap whores. The guys are all either adults or wiggers (ex. Chase Herring) with a select few being normal. Nothing ever happens here and the local hang out is the small downtown area. None of the couples under 18 ever have sex because they are all to stupid and cowardly to do so.
Ben: It sucks to live in Walnut Creek.
Stupid whore: Why!?
Ben: Among other things, stupid chicks like you.
by Resident 4988 March 19, 2005

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