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A town in Norcal, half an hour away from the city. Population is filled with rich preps, wanna-be-ghettos, pretty girls, or really good skateboarders. All the kids know how to have fun, including parties every night, alcohol for illegal age, joy riding, and tagging walls. Corey Duffel (pro skateboarder) is from w.c.
kids here
are all
gonna make it big!

Kids in Walnut Creek:
Skateboarders: "Dude, did you see what happened yesterday, I fucking fell and screwed up my arm"
Wanna-Be-Ghettos: "Damn. You looking fine babe. Wanna go have a party at my place?"
Preps: "Like, OMG, did you see the like look on her like face? It was totally funny. I took a picture with my $300 pink camera!"
Pretty Girls: "Ahahaha. Thats chill. I think we should hang sometime, you in?"
by elliisthebomb November 20, 2007

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