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Place where theft is so easy I can walk out with a 6 pack of Dr. Rocket RIGHT in front of the old man.
"Let's ransack Wal*Mart... again!"
by Chernorizets Hrabr August 15, 2003
371 132
A place to make fun of. This place is a magnet for hicks. Also a place that causes you to become itchy just by thinking about it.
"Dear God, I just saw some WalMart lovin'! These 2 hicks were making out in the shitty clothes section!"

"Damnit, Jack. I broke out in hives. Let's leave this crappy WalMart place.
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004
313 95
The largest retailer in the world, the second largest corporation in the world and now the largest grocery and toy retailer in the USA. When Wal-Mart moves into an area it creates traffic problems and environmental problems. Is known for its bad public relations, slave wages and benefits that match, predatory pricing, use of cheap foreign labor to produce it’s goods in countries such as China, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam, and often employing illegal immigrants for dirt cheap wages here in the USA…all the while advertising it’s phony patriotism.

Known for its large box like appearance and super massive parking lots with no trees. Walmart is crowded with people who do not have the best hygiene and are often overweight due to the excessive junk food they purchase at Walmart. Perhaps one of the worst things Walmart does is to move into an area, drive out all other businesses and then close down, leaving the area decimated.
Walmart is the single largest importer of foreign produced good in the USA. So I guess that’s what they mean when they say in their commercials “Bringing it home to the USA”?
by OneBadAsp October 28, 2006
260 47
1) AN AWFUL SUPERHUGE CORPORATION THAT TREATS WORKERS LIKE CRAP!!! They pay illegal immigrants to clean the stores, and cost taxpayers so much because they have to go on welfare and get Medicaid (see Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price). Also, awful for the environment, racist in their practices, sexist in their practices, etc, and they need to go fuck themselves and die, and take all their shitty, cheap Chinese inventory with them to their graves.
2) A word than when uttered makes normally peaceful people start screaming their head off, get incredibly angry, and yell, "FUCK WALMART!!"
Walmart sucks. There's a high cost to low price. Find out more. It's our duty as Americans to stop them and be educated. We can all help bring a stop to this unjustice they commit.
by Person20 December 17, 2005
267 82
the cheapest option available, very low end, bottom of the barrell.
I was looking forward to the date until he went walmart on me.

I like those shoes but they look to walmart.
by Kevin Storbensen February 12, 2004
286 115
Verb found in alien cookbook to serve man- cause of rising stock prices, sedation and weight gain of local population in US and China, and utter destruction of all critical thinking.
1)Wal-Mart for twenty years or until meat is about to fall off the bone.
2)We were going to repair the washing machine but figured why not Wal-Mart it.
by Pantaloon January 03, 2008
197 31
A store dedicated to saving you money...and crushing unoins! You can't beat those everyday low prices...or the fact that they hire illegal aliens to keep those prices low! supercenters save you time and money by putting everything you need in one place...except for crosses for burning, those are all at the Waltons house. Were the employees are loaded with Pride... and toasted, nicely toasted.
EWME: I asked my manager to press the button on the bailer I while I was standing inside of it at wal-mart, because his blood alcohol level was %1.2 he didn't even argue. And thats how I got to heaven.

satan: this is hell fool!

EWME: Odd, it's seems so much nicer then wal mart
by terminalblue.dyndns.org December 28, 2003
281 120