1) AN AWFUL SUPERHUGE CORPORATION THAT TREATS WORKERS LIKE CRAP!!! They pay illegal immigrants to clean the stores, and cost taxpayers so much because they have to go on welfare and get Medicaid (see Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price). Also, awful for the environment, racist in their practices, sexist in their practices, etc, and they need to go fuck themselves and die, and take all their shitty, cheap Chinese inventory with them to their graves.
2) A word than when uttered makes normally peaceful people start screaming their head off, get incredibly angry, and yell, "FUCK WALMART!!"
Walmart sucks. There's a high cost to low price. Find out more. It's our duty as Americans to stop them and be educated. We can all help bring a stop to this unjustice they commit.
by Person20 December 17, 2005
Verb found in alien cookbook to serve man- cause of rising stock prices, sedation and weight gain of local population in US and China, and utter destruction of all critical thinking.
1)Wal-Mart for twenty years or until meat is about to fall off the bone.
2)We were going to repair the washing machine but figured why not Wal-Mart it.
by Pantaloon January 03, 2008
1. The source of all evil
2. The reason our economy will never be the same again
Friend: Hey wanna go to walmart?
You: That's the reason my father lost his job and we're so poor, go kill yourself
by HockeyUSA27 November 20, 2005
the cheapest option available, very low end, bottom of the barrell.
I was looking forward to the date until he went walmart on me.

I like those shoes but they look to walmart.
by Kevin Storbensen February 12, 2004
The world's largest (and cheapest) retail chain. To keep its costs low, this place has shitloads of security cameras, security alarms, and a "restricted item list" (super glue, razor blades, etc.). Wal-Mart doesn't give a fuck if your car gets damaged by a shopping cart. Also note that this place doesn't sell CDs with "Parental Advisory" stickers on them.
I went to Wal-Mart today and was watched by hundreds of security cameras. I bought a Korn CD (edited version) and replacement heads for my Norelco electric shaver, which showed up as a "restricted item" at the checkout. The alarms beeped as I left the store because the dumb-ass cashier didn't deactivate the security device on my Korn CD. The side mirror of my car fell off because it was hit by a shopping cart. The mother-fucker at the service desk said, "We are not liable for vehicle damage caused by carts."
by Your Grandpa November 28, 2004
A store that everyone hates for putting small stores out of buisness, yet they are attracted to it anyway.
Wal mart: You can't escape me! You're like bugs. Attracted to my big shiny blue light!!
by bigshow8891 October 08, 2005
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