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Walmart is a chain of stores that has super low prices and has everything.

In reality it would be possible to live in a walmart any where from 1 to 3 years depending on how you ration your food.

it is believed that to keep walmart running "efficiently" they abduct the children that get lost in their stores and post their pictures on the missing childrens bulletin. The pictures are posted as a trophy to show off to other Walmarts.
the children are force into slavery working in an underground network of tunnels that connect all walmarts together. here they fabricating merchandise such as clothes, electronics, and toys. other tasks include repairs on large machinery such as scissor lifts, conveyor belt, and other such machinery.

oh and it kicks K-marts ass!
Mother: I lost my son in Walmart,

Mother's Friend: He was probably abducted into walmart slavery. If he did you wont see him again unless he find a way to escape.
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by reggiyman June 18, 2009
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