A fucking chainstore that's taking over every business.
1st Guy: Hey! What happened to the Kmart that used to be right there?

2nd Guy: They turned it into a walmart.
by Vicente Gamez May 17, 2005
A large, parasitic corporation who moves like a plague, eating up all business in it's wake, and leaving a large, gray store with cheap, plastic crap.

They take jobs, and then screw over their employees by destroying any union they come up with, or fireing them, or making them work in the childrens section.

They close down all little shoppes in the area, and then sponsor people to start up new businesses, with advance revinue going back to Wal-Mart (*This is just a conspiracy theory, but I'm sure it is real*)
Damn Wal-Mart moved in. The Pic-n-Save is gone, and now I have to work there. If I say anything about Union, they'll fire me. Damn Wal-Mart.

Look at those hippies, trying to stop Wal-Mart from being built. Spike those trees!

Wal-Mart stores are niggers! (check my definition)
by Maine Event April 08, 2004
a corporation soon to rule the world with the help of McDonalds.
A) Hey wanna go to Walmart?

B) I would teabag walmart if they sold nuts big enough to do it!

A) I hear they're rolling back prices.
by This guy! May 31, 2005
1. The destroyer of small businesses.

2. The employer of senior citizens, the handicapped and other people society deems unhireable (the people are nice though ^_^ ).
I wouldn't buy my clothes at Wal-Mart.
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
The redneck one-stop-wonder, a place where you can buy your tires, have them changed, get your groceries and the lacey teddy that you plan to fuck your sister in, ALL IN ONE STOP. Gawd' Bless de Wal-mart
For the family vacation Clem loaded up all the youngins' and took em' to the local wal-mart
by Sate-the-masses January 27, 2005
The only store that has the same person both greeting you when you enter, and then checkin your bags to make sure you didn't steal anything, when you leave.
Walmart...Only In America
by BMoney February 01, 2005
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