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Repetitive unskilled manual work, usually done in scorching hot and humid unsafe conditions with low or no income in return
Labor Logic - "Think with your muscles, not your brain..."

laborer 1 "We lost Joe!"
laborer 2 "Nevermind Joe, open the valve already!"

"That man is pretty built, he must do alot of labor..."
by laborman September 03, 2009
52 15
the process of childbirth. it starts with contractions and then the baby pops out. it is NOT a pretty sight.
labor is a very painful experience for a mother or mother to be. but if ur married, its worth the pain. (i guess)
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 25, 2005
81 50
It's when the woman is going to have her baby.
Woman: I need to go to the hospital!
Man: Why?
Woman: I went into Labor
by Ktelynnnqweeqeee June 25, 2011
15 17
One of the processes by which A acquires property for B.
It has been said that labor makes free.
by Mr. Dum November 05, 2005
32 34
A colloquial term for "later."

Invented at the George Washington University, circa 2003.
Mike: What are you up to?
Zach: Just about to head out the door.
Mike: Ok, see ya later.
Zach: Labor.
by MiScLi February 16, 2008
11 24