A place where idiots like to shop and complain.
Hi sir this is the forth time all my fish have died from here. Would you like your money back? No i want to get more fish.
by JOHN December 13, 2003
Basically- The Essence of Evil.
Walmart should have their asses sued off
by Whalee June 11, 2005
1. Something like a whore house, because if you go there and spend your money you're guaranteed to get fucked.

2. A place which is sometimes accused of sending jobs to other countries, but in reality it's the number one employer in the Dark Pits of Hell.

3. A store that pays for 30 cash registers to be installed and then turns around and leaves 20 of them closed.

4. How Sam Walton chose to say "Fuck You" to America.
Wal-Mart sells everything, including its own soul!
by i-1-2-69 December 14, 2007
n. A large, prosperous corporation whose business is "lower prices" on basically everything imaginable to mankind short of weapons of mass destruction and sex toys, always good to invest in for quick cash-in.
"Hey, Francine, it's three in the morning and i can't think for this f***ing paper any more, let's go to Walmart and buy us a Twix, a coke and some cliffnotes."
by steveisright December 18, 2003
Supermarket of obscene size, with greeters having a permanent cheesy smile.
My emo girlfriend is a greeter at Walmart
by Kerb November 27, 2004
Known to be a whole other country with it's own area codes with many languages and cultures. secretly taking over US land with their cut off borders and they're security force that drive around the parking lot in their own SUVs picking people up for minor "Wal Mart Law" fellonies. (They have their own ambassador, the Smiley Face)
I got lost in area code 725884 in Wal Mart and i couldn't comunicate with any of the none-english speaking people and couldn't relate to their wierd ways.
by Redfoxx January 08, 2004
A business based in Bentonville, AR that decides to takeover the economy of small towns buy building a store with prices so low, all other businesses are forced to shut down.
The worst serial rapist treated his victim better than the local Wal-Mart treats their employees.
by Anthony Simon September 03, 2003
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