an evil world wide retail empire that treats their employees like shit. its alot more subtle than the old factory when your boss would swear at you. most anything you buy there will fall apart sooner than later. or it is shit quality to begin with. what do you expect from young chinese women who work 70+ hours a week and are confined to a prison like dormitory in mainland china mega sweatshops.

i use to go to walmart cause i am an insomniac and to look at all the college pussy shopping and fucking around in the big box shit hole(wal mart). but for the past year of so my penis is stuck in the 6 oclock position. i lost my libido, probably due to a long period of stress and the result being depression. now i am an emotional invalid on ssi.
i bought the toshiba sattelite special xmas laptop for 400usd + a 50 dollar extra warranty. i noticed on the first day i tried it out, video was choppy or bad quality even though i have broadband shared with my landlord upstairs. it crashes alot. it can manage some 3d but it just crashes on most 3d programs. the keyboard is already falling apart. it freezes up alot. the graphics card is a mystery because they act like your too stupid to know that that is the most important part of a computer today. you can have all the ram up your ass, and all the hard drive and all the processing speed in the world, and a super fast connection, but if you have shit for a graphics card you got a circa 1990's machine(i.e. pc)as far as graphic and video are concerned. so i'm fucking told.
i think wal mart and toshiba got together and took the graphics card out and sold this last years model for 389 usd to screw the buyer and make profit on something worth less than what third world children get on that ugly green thing. although the crank dynamo is very smart:free electricity via human effort. in australia, or wherever, they have a pull chord like on dolls that talk or like an old lawnmower. this is an even more efficient way or producing human made electricity. just pull and the fly wheel just multiplies your effort many times.

reader: hasus christos you dumb fuck why didn't you bring it back if you knew it was shit in the firs couple days. i mean wal fart gives you 15 days you moron.

me: yeah, i know all that. like i said i am an emotional invalid and holidays were really fucking, like suicidal. i overused my klonopin(in the valium family of drugs) and my fucking idiot doctor(i.e.psychiatrist) almost didn't write me a refill. benzo withdrawal is worse than opiate detox. i was almost in a world of shit on top of the world of shit i am already in.

so now its a month and a half later and i guess sooner or later i'll call their warranty guy who they say are contracted out and come to your house. ahhh thats nice and convenient for me, but chances are the kid probably knows shit about computers just like, me and is ordered by wal fart to say: can't be fixed.
by anon ymousz January 26, 2009
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A store where you can buy a shot gun, ammunition, a ski mask, a baseball bat, a meat cleaver and a chainsaw, but you can't buy a CD that has a "Parental Advisory" sticker.
The local 3-generation mom & pop store was run out of town by Walmart.
by Bill M. July 28, 2004
A chain of oversized superstores mostly found in the Southern USA, known for driving local stores out of businesses, selling poorly-made goods (especially clothing) made by third-world slave labor, using a gawdy image of shallow, phony patriotism and flag-waving, and contributing to urban sprawl. A major competitor to golf courses in wasting valuable land which could be used for farming and housing.
C'mon Louann, we gotta go to Wal-Mart and get Mama her Christmas present.
by LudwigVan December 07, 2003
A super market that everyone complains about but, secretly, any human living in the US has gone there for something.
Shhh... I'm going to Wal-Mart.
by spaventoso June 19, 2005
the store where I get 100% off on everything that fits under my shirt
lets go steal some more stuff from wal mart
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
a corparation that uses its buying power to bully smaller stores out of existance. also hires illegal immigrants to clean their stores.
walmart is ghey
by Toolbox November 02, 2003
1. Hell
2. A bad place to work
3. A bad place to shop
4. See number 1
i went to walmart last night... and i got third degree burns... and i think i saw Satan... he was yellow.. and had a big fucking smile on his face....He was going around slashing prices... SLASHING!!!
by Stephan February 26, 2005
who to blame when your job has been sent to Asia
I had a good paying job until walmart opened
by Ben Dover January 19, 2004

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