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A place of ancient Celtic culture that was flourishing long before the English even existed. Much of the culture is long lost but there is wealth of mystery, richness, beauty and fame connected to Wales that most people have no idea about.
To look beyond the sheep jokes, daffodils and rugby and it is important to recognise it was one of the first literary cultures on Earth. Celtic way of life was overflowing with poetry and great legends some little known and some world famous and more often than not, very wrongly, attributed these days to England.
They lived, on the whole peacefully, believing in nature, song, literature, dance... basically life just being fun. It was actually one of the first nations where women were treated in many ways equally to men! They even lived at peace with the Romans after the Roman invasion into Britain developing a sophisticated, ahead of its time nation!
Unfortunately the English (at that point Normans, Germans, French) i.e. the Anglo Saxons came to Britain and ruined most of it.

Wales has so much to be remembered for, namely some of the greatest legends, such as that of King Arthur and his round table which yes, was Celtic (WELSH) legend - though it is thought much of the legends are based on true figures. Though nowadays people tend to think King Arthur was English when what he did was in fact fight the Anglo-Saxons, he was in fact half-Celtic, half Roman.
Wales has many other great stories, A welsh Indian tribe existed in America long before Columbus ever arrived, thus proving that the Welsh were in fact the first to sail to America. In fact on the American declaration of independance 13 of the 17 signatures are signed by Welsh men, and America was very nearly going to be a Welsh speaking country!
A land with stories of great people, Owain Glynd, Aneurin Bevan, Richard Burton, Dylan Thomas, David lloyd George, JPR Williams!, Roald Dahl... the list is endless...Many great singers, actors, artists and writers have come from the small country of Wales (can't forget Tom Jones, Tina Turner, Anthony Hopkins for modern legends, even Kylie who is half Welsh!)
Not to forget it is a country of great beauty, much of the countryside breathtaking but unseen by many.
It is a nation, of what i have seen, (and that is much!), of polite, kind, talented people. This is of course a generalisation but i do not know how Cardiff can be accused of being violent fans when England are world-renowned for the behaviour of their football fans!!
There is a national Eisteddfod each year bringing together talent from all over Wales, yet the contest is not publicised or known to many outside Wales... a great shame.
I could go on and on, Wales is far too over stereotyped and it is by people that have no idea about the truth at the core of this remarkable country.
WALES rules so do not knock it until you have been there (preferably further than the South East) and KNOW about its history!
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by girl50 March 16, 2006
a small little shitty town that consists of drunk peaple, big jeeps, drug addicts, a convienient store named bobs that ripps you off on over prices items.
theress nothing to really do in wales. theres this one nasty party spot where theres a hole in the ozone layer above it from burning so many tires. lots of people like to go down there, get drunk, and drive lifter jeeps aimlessly through the woods.
so thats pretty much itt.
wales is a shitty town
#shit #poop #ghetto #whales #waless
by dylan blasco May 15, 2010

also known as a big fat curly headed fuck, usually has a girl's name. Has man boobs with small nipples and goes for the dirtiest of the dirt when it comes to picking females. One of the dustiest characters in the leauge by far. Has zero wheels and is usually seen on the sidelines at the bar scene.
hey did you see that fuckstick that walked by?...he is a true Wales
#duster #pigpen #taylor #meatball #meatsauce
by gonger4life March 14, 2009
1) A boy of questionable sexuality.

2) An extreamly feminine male.
Person 1: That guy's cool, but I can't tell if he's gay.
Person 2: Yeah, he's a Wales.

Person 1: Look at the guy doing a runway walk! Is he gay?
Person 2: He says he's not but he's a Wales, you never know.
#gay #homosexual #guy #runway walk #questionable sexuality
by gingerlover June 15, 2008
an extention of england
man: you been to wales?
woman: that place in england?
man:...yeah pretty much
#wales #england #sheep #welsh #people
by acbhjnr April 22, 2011
Tarred as being a nation of sheep shaggers by England. But, lets remember, over half the inhabitants of the north of Wales are English, spreading their chavvy ways throughout the British Isles. Because even though the English way of life has been completly fucked up by the invasions by Vikings, Germans, Romans and the French, so who the hell are they to comment on our retarded Culture
English person: Why, I do say, you shag sheep don't you, chum.
welsh Person: .....Okay?
English person: Wales certainly suck balls, doesn't it, chap?
Welsh Person:...riight
English Person: why thats spiffing, Tally Ho, Old Bean!
#england #sucks #america's #balls #hard!
by Your Sheep was great last night! November 09, 2007
a place where the men make sheep feel like women
a welsh man shagged a sheep he lived in wales
#sheep #shagger #bad #welsh #men
by Shaun-the-pimp October 31, 2007
the place where people think everyone else is being racist against them. having lived in wales for half my life i think i'm fairly qualified to make judgement on this. they spend their entire time accusing the english of being racist against them, yet after living there for a long time i came to realise that in reality the welsh hate the english - and most of them have a big chip on their shoulder about something, normally the fact that 'they were ere first'. and no they don't shag sheep either - just to clear that up.
me: playing footie at school that was a fuckin goal
taff: arguing back what did you say - you racist english fucker i don't shag sheep
me: i never said you did, i just said it was a goal
taff: you fuckin prrrik i'll ave u at the young fergle barn dance 2nite
me: would like to laugh but he's a big hard rugby player ok...its always like this in wales
#taff #welsh #wales #sheep #sheep shagger
by HollowayTom September 15, 2006
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