A country in Great Britain, inhabited by the Welsh. Has Celtic origins, known for it's rain, damp, sheep and rain. The Welsh are well known for not really giving a shit, and have become well adapted to cope with the damp.
Fun fact, Wales had the highest sale ratings of waterproof clothing out of all of the European nations between 2003 and 2014.
Person 1: See that pissed bloke covered in rain, shagging that sheep?
His mate: Lemme guess, he's from Wales?
Person 1: Yeah, defo Welsh...
by You don't know me, fuck off March 30, 2015
A place this is often mistaken for another part of England, but is actually a country just like England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. They all make up The UK. The Welsh accent can be adorable, and if you're ever going to visit Wales (which you should) then it wouldn't harm you to learn the word 'hello' -Bore da or 'Thanks' -Diolch. It isn't vital to learn welsh before you go to Wales as many people don't speak it. Mistaking a Welsh person for an English person is like mistaking a Canadian for an American or a New Zealander for an Australian, WE GET IT ALL THE TIME, but we are used to it. The majority of Welsh people are kind hearted and talkative. While the minority are big brother wannabes :(. Welsh is compulsory in all Welsh school (I'm learning it) and Welsh is the oldest language in Europe :). We would love to have a Hetalia character.

I love being Welsh XD
Random Tourist: "Bore da. How are Welsh people so kind?"
Welsh Person "Bore da (inward jump for joy at use of Welsh). We try our best!"

Ignorant person: "You're English, I hate the English."
Me: "Actually, I'm Welsh, I come from Wales."
Ignorant Person: "Sheepshager!"

Me: *shoves already typed list of reasons why welsh people aren't sheep shagers* AND WE'RE KING OF THE SIX NATIONS TOO!
by WelshFandomEmbassay February 24, 2014
Devolved country within the United Kingdom of which no one outside the U.K has ever heard of.
Invaded, conquered & then promptly forgotten about by the English around 700 years ago the Welsh maintain a strong and very one sided rivalry with the their Anglo-Saxon neighbours. The English, to busy maintaining their rivalry with the French take very little notice of this.
Like many countries with a relatively small population and large agricultural base( i.e New Zealand, Australia, Scotland) the people of Wales are the targets, and original victims, of the epithet 'sheep shagger'.
Wales seems to produce an above average output of very attrative ladies (Catherine Zeta Jones,Charlotte Church, inumerable Big Brother contestants) which has been specualted to be the product of either a healthy rural diet, good clean valley air or that they simply evolved this way as the only means of tempting welsh men away from their sheep.
Wales allegedly has it's own language but that fact that it sounds like a horse coughing up phlegm and and all the words contain more vowels than constantants have led many to beleive they're simply taking the piss.
Main exports: Sheep, coal, socalism, Big Brother contestants, pop bands, rugby.
Q. Excuse me, are you English?

A. Fuck off boyo, I'm from Wales.
by El B@stardo February 11, 2009
a big mammal that swims underwater
What's that big thing underwater?

It's a wales!
by georgeburtonthecurtainh October 26, 2011
wales is mint it jus like england but we get 4goten
ever1 in wales arnt sheep shagers im from wales an were i live theres less sheep than fkin nyc
by luke47 October 06, 2006
The Welsh language has good swear words. Actually, those are the only Welsh words I know.

Ydy hi'n wir fod Seimon yn bwchio Dafydd?

Simon sure is shafting David.

Welsh people sing well too. I mean, you know that chick whose... young.. and she was in that movie with the singing? she was Welsh, or played a Welsh person. Her father was a drunk rock star.
Timmy: Do you like Dragons?
Sam: Why, yes I do, Timmy.
Timmy: The Welsh flag has a dragon on it, bitch!
Sam: Blow me.
by crabuloux occifer December 01, 2004
The shittest place on earth where everyone shags sheep and gets pissed then shove leeks up their bum-holes then go lose at rugby, also the go and moan about the english but i don't know why because all we do is give and help and sort you out and when you think you can, you go and fight us but end up losing because you are shit at everything.(LOL only messing, I know we make jokes but we like you really like you lot and you realy helped us out through history so whatever we say don't take it to heart)
Wow wales isn't as bad as we all think
by Alistair Canning March 26, 2011

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