A place that is nice on one or two beaches. Very cold. They think they own England and speak a very strange language that no-one can understand. It is full of fair-haired gays aswell as caravans and Irish Pikeys.
Guy: This is a nuclear missile control computer.
Ali G: Can I blow somewhere up?
Guy: No, It is very dangerous.
Ali G: How about somewhere shitty? Like Wales.
by ajgreatermanchester December 27, 2007
A unit of measurement, eg, "an area the size of Wales". Interchangeable with other units like the Rhode Island, the Greenland and the Texas. Most commonly used in news broadcasts and radio shows. 'The Wales' is not to be confused with the country Wales (part of the UK), with which it has nothing in common.
A lump of ice the size of Wales has broked off Antarctica.
by James William June 09, 2005
Wales is the mid western extremity of the british mainland.
Inhabited by Cymric peoples who are descended from the ancient Britons who were displaced from the rest of Britain by Saxon invaders in the 5th century AD.
Ironically the name Wales comes from the old english 'Waelas' which meant foreigner.
Still bitter against the english after over a thousand years and have in Cardiff City's supporters some of the most violent football fans in europe
'fancy a night out in cardiff?'

'fuck off its in Wales'
by bigmeuprudeboy September 09, 2003
A pathetic Country of non-importance. Quite a few inbred ginger people live here. Will always live in England's shadow.
Person 1 - Where did you go this summer?
Person 2 - I went to Wales.
Person 1 - Where the fuck's Wales? In England somewhere ain't it?
by CharlieZ October 23, 2007
The small side of england. Rather irrelevant shite pit who's existence is barely acknowledged.

Unlike the irsh or scots, the other home nations, who's good nature and wit make up for other shortcomings, the welsh are a collection of bitter, ravenous pikeys with a huge chip on their shoulder. It was around the 70's when people got fed up with their constant whining and simply stopped caring. They have sort of faded into obscurity ever since.
Dave: Hey, bob, i'm looking at this atlas here and, your not going to beleive this, but apparently there's this place called Wales lurking down by the west of england like a rotting, gangrenous limb.

bob: Really?
by Peter86 September 30, 2006
A shitty country with shitty weather, full of sheep and towns with names which heavily lack vowels. Love the people though .
"Hey Mom, where are we goin?"

" A little town in Wales called Lhangrythlmndyyfd. "

" What teh FUCK?! "
by HotBitch January 02, 2006
too small and inoquous to even make a comment on.
boyo its fackin borin ere like, true ewan lets get out of wales lets go to llwachaheckawellangogogoch habour and get a boat to canada where its more intresting like.im tired of being the only gay in the village. yah im an actress im catherine zeta jones and im a good welsh girl from the valleys and not prissy at all, please no flash photography and no autographs.
by da original playa June 02, 2006

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