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A very beautiful arab man
Waleed ibn-Abdul-Hamid Brinjikji
by Waleed Brinjikji March 12, 2005
337 139
The greatest guy on earth, a hottie and a true gentleman. He looks good in everything he wears. He's can put a smile on my face no matter what, he made me the happiest person on earth by just being by my side. He would take a bullet for me, beat up the whole world just to win me. He's someone I can trust with everything I've got even my soul. Someone who misses me even when when we're together. He's without a doubt my true love <3
I'm deeply and madly in love with waleed
by MeshAA December 11, 2010
198 51
Someone who is a good boyfriend material. Girls should be grateful to have them.
"My boyfriend is waleed, he cares for me so much."
by pittycandoll May 19, 2010
213 91
A very attractive person.
Wow, he's so like waleed.
by An Awesome Guy That Is Epic January 08, 2012
68 22
A Man with Drop-Dead Gorgeous Eyes. A very spiritual being. Likes Soccer. Flirts with girls. Quite intelligent, he tops Science.
She was frozen at his sight, and kept peering through his eyes in search of her man. At who's sight? Waleed's!
by W.Y.W.N.F.O.T.I.W.T. September 29, 2013
21 7
A very racist person from Pakistan, with poor motor skills. Mostly hates Indians and Jews. Tends to cover up his odors with spray can scents from his 7/11.
Indian: Hey Waleed
Waleed:Shut up, and stay away from Pakistan!
jew: Hey Waleed
Waleed: Shut up you jew and get out of Gaza!
by Definition guru January 16, 2009
4 27
Oh damn. I just waleed in my pants.
by dianamo257 May 21, 2010
78 185