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too small and inoquous to even make a comment on.
boyo its fackin borin ere like, true ewan lets get out of wales lets go to llwachaheckawellangogogoch habour and get a boat to canada where its more intresting like.im tired of being the only gay in the village. yah im an actress im catherine zeta jones and im a good welsh girl from the valleys and not prissy at all, please no flash photography and no autographs.
by da original playa June 02, 2006
44 116
A country that contains too much anti English, racist sentiment. especially when the English don't care but for laughing at the accent (which we also do to every other country on Earth)
Welshman: "Fucking English wanker!"
Englishman: "Do I look offended? Try evolving for a few millennia. And try not to slag me off outside of Wales, that's how come Welsh exiles get the shit kicked out of them."
by Sickman May 05, 2006
54 127
pronounced Wahl-ay,

--Wale has no set definition, because it can mean everything and anything. It is whatever you want it to be. It is often associated with African-Americans also. Spelling varies, some even like to include an accent on the e like such, walé.
Wale to that wale.
Wow your hair is wale today.
Look at those wales jump.
by walewalewale March 02, 2011
31 105
Wales. A small chunk of land unfortunately still attached to England. Populated by inbred, narrow-minded mutants who are obsessed with Rugby. They have been closed off from the rest of civilisation since the big bang, and therefore sadly, will always be the mad, isolated, eccentric dimwits that they are. They are blessed with one of the most annoyingly cringeworthy accents in the world which makes them sound like 6yr olds on helium. If visiting take plenty of water-proof clothing as you will be drenched in saliva whenever they open their silly little mouths. Their culture is suffocating and will be forced in your face at every turn. Anti-English to the highest degree. Wales a place of dribbling psychopaths where everyone looks the same, talks the same and acts the same. Clones with a capital C. Stay well clear!
Blodwyn: Hey Daffyd boyo! Look at that English twat over there, I'll knock his teeth out, you can poke him in the eyes.

Daffyd: Ok, just a noraml weekend then.

Wales, lovely scenery spoilt by stifling culture and threatened inbreds petrified of losing their identity.
by Spiffing ol boy July 30, 2006
67 143
Right where to start with these wierd talking homosexuals?

Well there french from the start, so we all hate them :), they put wellingtons on the sheeps so they can run away (Yes what i mean is they bum anything), Plus from little britain there is no only gay in the village, there all homo's, so i advise you never go there unless youve packed your shotgun or a sane person.
Brit man : Keep back, get backing into your gay bar
(Pushes pitchfork into wales)
by Deathlok August 24, 2006
36 141
Ye Land of SheepFuckers.
"Mummy whats that man doing to that sheep?
by BiLlYMc May 05, 2005
126 234
The shame of the United Kingdom. Famous for crap bands and bestiality, not famous for much else, apart from a ridiculously bad accent.
For example, a short coversation between two Scottish people:

"Hey, wanna go to Wales for the weekend? We can go out for a drink and pull!"

"Piss off,lets get drunk in England, where the tradition is to pull women and not shag sheep!
by Giles2112 April 09, 2005
133 242