A country to the west of England.
Any Welshman will drink more than you, people say that they are all poofs and shag sheep, go say that in a pub in Cardiff.
Wales is a beautiful country with nice and friendly people.
I have a friend that comes from Wales
by blannnn May 19, 2005
The greatest place on earth
Foreign bloke: So you're a tourist! You from englishland yes?
Welshman: No im from Wales
Foreign bloke: And that is english yes
Welshman: No.... it's anything but english
by Becksssssss May 03, 2008
The most geographically beautiful country on Earth. Full of rich history, culture, and the nicest people in the world.
Wales is so awesome their flag has a fucking DRAGON on it.
by Beatlesman October 24, 2011
A small country of which half the people can't actually speak their own language or talk in a welsh accent, this may seem like a stereotype but it is pretty true.

Sadly though most people in Wales hate the English, when Welsh people are born it's told to them to hate the English, you can also see graffiti about it everywhere.

There are lots of mountains in Wales including Snowdon and Tyrfan, it's a good place to go for hiking and is also a good place for climbing (it has a mountain training center).

Unfortunately, there are sheep, EVERYWHERE. You have to watch where you put your feet to make sure you don't stand in sheep crap. And no, Welsh people don't shag them.

Wales is a good country, very nationalist though.
City in wales:

Group of 10 year olds walks up to group of English men.

Welsh girl: Get out of our country!
by doorbell October 06, 2007
A country which is actually quite good apart from the fact the Welsh won't shut up about the fact they think the world hates them.
1st Welsh person: "We're a minority don't ya know?"
2nd Welsh person: "I know. Everyone hates Wales."
1st Welsh person: "Lets continue to push people away by being very patriotic and making sure people know that we resent all strangers."
by Ruth1993 April 30, 2008
Wales is a small country to the southwest of the United Kingdom. Contrary to popular opinion, Mr Englishman, we do NOT make love to barnyard animals, call our children Gwyneth (At least spell it right if you're gonna insult us), we aren't full of homosexuals or gingers and we aren't clones. In fact, we'd like to carry on with our own lives without the constant nagging and bitching coming up from the annoying next door neighbours that God situated us with when we were created. Am I speaking/writing in words that are too sophisticated to understand? They're not hard. Wales is a country filled with great people, with great accents, a wonderful history and a beautiful language that has sadly been poached from and destroyed by English. It's the land of my fathers - and the land of my children's father, too.
When I move out, I'm gonna settle down somewhere in Wales. Why leave my own country?
by Skoji March 17, 2008
A place this is often mistaken for another part of England, but is actually a country just like England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. They all make up The UK. The Welsh accent can be adorable, and if you're ever going to visit Wales (which you should) then it wouldn't harm you to learn the word 'hello' -Bore da or 'Thanks' -Diolch. It isn't vital to learn welsh before you go to Wales as many people don't speak it. Mistaking a Welsh person for an English person is like mistaking a Canadian for an American or a New Zealander for an Australian, WE GET IT ALL THE TIME, but we are used to it. The majority of Welsh people are kind hearted and talkative. While the minority are big brother wannabes :(. Welsh is compulsory in all Welsh school (I'm learning it) and Welsh is the oldest language in Europe :). We would love to have a Hetalia character.

I love being Welsh XD
Random Tourist: "Bore da. How are Welsh people so kind?"
Welsh Person "Bore da (inward jump for joy at use of Welsh). We try our best!"

Ignorant person: "You're English, I hate the English."
Me: "Actually, I'm Welsh, I come from Wales."
Ignorant Person: "Sheepshager!"

Me: *shoves already typed list of reasons why welsh people aren't sheep shagers* AND WE'RE KING OF THE SIX NATIONS TOO!
by WelshFandomEmbassay February 24, 2014

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